Bienvenue chez Scoot, Chalupa et Roxy!

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Scoot and Chalupa live in a deluxe cage which has numerous ramps, platforms, cubbies, and toys.  The new cage came from a wonderful couple in the country that had it specially built for them by her father.  The custom-built cage is the size of a large entertainment centre which gives them lots of room to run, jump, and play.

They usually like to sleep on the upper floors where they can keep an eye on things, and the camera can keep an eye on them.  If you don't see them, they're probably down getting a bite to eat, munching on some Timothy Hay, or having a roll in their dust bath.

Roxy lives in her own cage because she and Scoot and Chalupa don't get along yet.  Every once in a while they play together, but we're still working on getting them to play nicely!

  Chinchillas are quite dormant during the day, but become more active early in the evening between 7:00 - 10:00 pm.  If you see darkness, that is because it’s night time where we are and Scoot is sleeping! 

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Name: Scoot
Sex: Female
Age: 8 Years Old
Born: 1996
Name: Roxy
Sex: Female
Age: 3 Years Old
Born: 2001
Name: Chalupa
Sex: Male
Age: 5 Years Old
Born: 1999


Unfortunately, at a wonderful old age of 16, Scoots mother passed away due to complications of old age and a tooth abscess that could not be treated.  We all miss her, but Scoot's spirits are bright and cheery.

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